Our Sauna

RELAX & REJUVATE in Lavangen

For those in Northern Europe, the sauna is something akin to a religious experience — an activity to cleanse the body, mind, and spirit. It can be a moment to socialize, or an intimate moment to experience alone, shrouded in a thick cloud of vapor from heated rocks doused in water, while snow-capped mountains, cool streams, and dense forests sit outside.


Just a few meter from the shore, with floor-to-ceiling windows facing the fjord, our wood sauna is the place to relax at Aa-gård. Our recent wood-burning stove distribute the heat throughout a wooden interior room and wooden benches, big enough for a group of 10 people.

If you are a guest staying in the cabins at Aa-gård, the sauna can be booked via our booking plateform, or contact us directly.

If you are travelling by, or interested to book it our sauna for a company meeting or social gathering, you can also book it directly on our online booking system, or contact us directly.

The booking will includes a bag of fire wood. 


Before beginning to heat the sauna, make sure the door is closed so you can avoid the warmth sneaking away through the opening. Afterwards, when you fired up the wood sauna stove, give the sauna time to heat up.  It will take around 45min. So, while your sauna’s heating up, you can definitely spend some time in our restaurant or have a drink in our wine cellar, that will make your sauna experience a whole lot better.

Once the wood starts to burn, it heats the rocks, which then radiates heat throughout the room. You can increase the humidity in the sauna by pouring water (no sea water please!) on the rocks. Steam will erupt, which will help relax your skin and ease your breathing.


It’s  well known that as soon as you step into a sauna, your blood circulation will increase due to the rise in temperature. Improved circulation can help relieve muscle stiffness, improve joint mobility and help alleviate any arthritic pain. 

Sweating is good for us, but we usually don’t sweat enough. Our jobs are sedentary, which means that we are not moving around enough to break into a sweat. Everywhere we turn, our bodies are absorbing harmful elements, so it’s vital to flush them out.