Our Sauna

RELAX & REJUVATE in Lavangen

For those in Northern Europe, the sauna is something akin to a religious experience — an activity to cleanse the body, mind, and spirit. It can be a moment to socialize, or an intimate moment to experience alone, shrouded in a thick cloud of vapor from heated rocks doused in water, while snow-capped mountains, cool streams, and dense forests sit outside.


Just a few meter from the fjord, our sauna is available to our guests 24/7

If you are interested to book it for a more private experience among your group, you can book it directly on our online booking system.



It’s  well known that as soon as you step into a sauna, your blood circulation will increase due to the rise in temperature. Improved circulation can help relieve muscle stiffness, improve joint mobility and help alleviate any arthritic pain. Science shows that an increased heart rate can also help with weight loss. 

Sweating is good for us, but we usually don’t sweat enough. Our jobs are sedentary, which means that we are not moving around enough to break into a sweat. Everywhere we turn, our bodies are absorbing harmful elements, so it’s vital to flush them out. The American Journal of Medicine has published numerous scientific papers that attest to the sauna having a multitude of health benefits