The Northern lights

The MAGIC is in
the sky

Our cabins have floor-to-celling windows for our guests to have a clear view of the night sky, while being warm and cosy indoor.
From early September to late March, at Aa-Gård, you will have the frequent oportunity to experience the Northern Lights soar across the sky. 


The Northern Lights show appears when charged particles from the sun are dragged into the atmosphere by the earth’s magnetic field and collide with nitrogen and oxygen atoms. 

This collision releases flashes of coloured lights – which we see as the northern lights. The colours of the light depends on the type of atoms involved in the collision.


WHERE to see them?

Although the majority of the sun particles do not reach us, repelled by the earth’s magnetic field, a small quantity of particles manage to come down to earth at the north and south magnetic poles through funnels called “cones”. 

Particles does not descend vertically from the poles, but around forming a ring of approximately and at least 1,800 km in radius. During peaks of activity, auroras become visible at lower latitudes, potentially as far as central Europe. But these peaks are rare. This is why, to increase your chances of seeing auroras, you must choose a place above the arctic circle, where it is possible to see auroras even during weak auroral activity.

That’s good news! We are ideally located at very high latitude, in Northern Norway, to witness amazing auroras shows.

Northern Lights FORCAST

Using real-time solar wind data from Nasa’s ACE spacecraft, matched with data obtained from a network of magnetometers located worldwide,  Aurora Service is able to forecast, with reasonable accuracy, how the Northern Lights will behave up to an hour in advance.