Dogsledding Kennel

 with huskies

Let the sound of the sleigh sliding on the snow, the lightweight padding of dogs running, and their heavy breathing be music to your ears as you explore the mountainous landscapes in northern Norway.

 At Aa-Gard, we are quite the dog lovers, we believe like you that dog sledding excursions are quite magical, fun and loaded with adrenaline. But at the non negotiable condition that the dogs welfare is well respected.

Here is a list of kennels with a good work ethic that we are happy to recommend you. If you staying with us, know that we can drive you to the dog kennel.

Wishing a fantastic vacation in Northern Norway, and hopefully a pleasant stay with us too.

Off Track Experience (80 min drive)

They offer a mix of day trip, and long expedition on husky sledding. As a bonus, they also offers sailing trip along the fjords of Northern Norway and Svalbard.

Husky Lodge (40 min drive)

They have a large selection of tour for all level of experience, beginners to experts.  Northern lights tour by dog sledding are organised for a more magical experience.
As a bonus, they also organise Lama-trekking. 

Aurora Husky (90 min drive)

Learn how to drive your own dog-team with 4-6 energetic huskies. Experience the friendship and cooperation with the dogs and learn to steer them smooth and silently through a beautiful winter wonderland.
They also organise snowmobile tour and samì experience with their reindeer.