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In Lavangen, a trail network with great variety has been arranged. Some trails start from sea level and advance up to 1000 meters altitude. Other trails go through the cultural landscape and some follow the valley sides with waterfalls and rapids along the way.

Here are a few of our favorite hiking trails.


Distance: 26,8 km
Altitude Start: 86 m
Highest point: 1217 m
Estimated time: 10h

Level: Expert (for the top climb)

This trail follows a forest-road the first kilometers, then you walk over a suspension bridge.

The first kilometers are relatively flat and after the bridge there is a gentle climb up to Åsevatnet. From Åsevatnet located 528 meters above sea level, there is a slight steeper climb up to Trosen.

Fotefar mot nord

Distance: 3,3 km
Altitude start: 74 m
Highest point: 74 m
Estimated time: 1 h

Level: Easy

Lavangen’s “Fotefar mot nord” project is a cultural trail with several cultural monuments along the river and to Krambuvika. The trail starts right above Aa Gård and is easy to walk.


Distance: 10,1 km
Altitude start: 60 m
Highest point: 590 m
Estimated time: 3 h

Level: Medium

Henrikkafossen is part of Saraelva, a small tributary to Spanselva and is around 250 meters high. The first part of the trail follows a forest road which then goes onto a marked trail up towards Dalbotn and up to Henrikkafossen. The trail starts from Moen and where the Henrikka waterfall flows over the edge and down into Spansdalen – the views are spectacular!


Distance: 12,4 km
Altitude start: 425 m
Highest point: 1457 m
Estimated time: 7 h

Level: Expert

This peak is located between Gratangen and Lavangen. The starting point and parking for this trail is approximately 6 km south of Fossbakken along E6. 

The trail is fairly easy to walk, but the last 300 meters to the top are relatively steep and rocky. Spanstind is the highest mountain in Lavangen and the view from the top is outstanding.


Distance: 15,2 km
Altitude start: 10 m
Highest point: 1089 m
Estimated time: 7 h

Level: Expert

This trail starts along the road out to Lavangsnes where you also park. The first part of the trail is relatively easy to hike, but when you reach alpine terrain there is a somewhat steep incline. The last two kilometers are quite steep, but there is no climbing necessary. This peak also offers amazing views!

Kultursti Spansdalen

Distance: 7,4 km
Altitude start: 109 m
Highest point: 220 m
Estimated time: 2 h

Level: Easy

Do you want to go for an easy hike with many cultural marks? This is your choice. Take the E6 approximately 300 m south of junction E6 / RV84 on Fossbakken towards Søndre Fossbakk. Follow the road towards Søndre Fossbakk to the end of the road (approx. 600 m). You can also walk the other way, from Spansdalen and up towards Fossbakken.

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